Pīwakawaka (Fantail) Mobile


This beautiful flying Pīwakawaka mobile will never tire of flying! It will fly gently in a breeze or you can set it in motion by pulling a string below

The Pīwakawaka (or NZ Fantial) is endemic to New Zealand and one of the most easily recognised birds with it’s distinctive fan-shaped tail, darting flight and frequent chittering “cheep cheep” calls. They are often seen darting about close by, catching insects that have been disturbed, as we move through plants.

• Made from New Zealand Tōtara and sealed with a natural beeswax and tung oil polish.
• Bird size: 28.5cm wide x 35cm 23cm long x 14cm high.

We handcraft all our products. Due to the handmade process and unique nature of the wood, minor variations in design will occur.