Fresh 2022

Posted by Gwyneth Hulse on February 15, 2022 in Uncategorized

Hello everyone,
We are excited to share some new work with you, made from beautiful Kāuri, Matai and Rewarewa.
We hope you enjoy it!

The Twisted Rope Necklace is a bold and versatile piece, in keeping with our modern designs. The flowing twisted rope is made from recycled cotton, and the wood beads are made from a handsome speckled Rewarewa.
Clean, simple, and pristinely crafted, these Disk Earrings are light and beautiful. The sterling silver hooks contrast pleasantly with the warm colours of New Zealand Matai.
This Mondrian Bead Necklace is chic and sophisticated. The beautiful Rewarewa beads alternate between their natural speckled appearance and brilliant colour to create a stunning effect. The silk cord adds to its simple elegance, lined with Japanese glass beads for a fine, intricate texture. Adjustable to the perfect length.

The slender design neatly mirrors the Rewarewa tree, which is tall and slim, with bright red flowers.
Our Crescent Earrings are made from Kāuri, one of New Zealand’s famously strong, stately trees, so the only way to achieve this delicate curve is to gently steam bend the wood.

Steam bending is the process of soaking a piece of wood in boiling water to soften the fibres, which makes it more pliable. At this point, the wood can be manipulated into a curve, and when it cools, will maintain this shape.

The Crescent Earrings have been in development for the last year, and are a proud new addition to our jewellery selection. 
With vibrant Rewarewa and Japanese glass beads for a subtle texture, these Mondrian Bead Earrings hang comfortably on sterling silver. They pair beautifully with the Bead Necklace.